The Little Things That Go A Long Way In Sending A Gay Wedding Invitation

I’m sure I don’t need to remind any of you that your wedding day is an incredibly special day. And, as such, you want the details to reflect your intentions. Obviously, your ceremony will say a great deal about you and your partner and the commitment you are making to each other. I would also contend that your invitation says a lot about what your guests can expect from the ceremony and the reception.
Once you have determined the feel of your event — is it an evening event? mid-day event? indoor or outdoor event? formal or casual? — you can select a suitable invitation.
Which brings us to a few special touches to consider adding to your invitation order or mailing to demonstrate your thoughtfulness in your planning:
1) Consider your colors or images and find subtle ways to tie these elements into your invitations, party favors, table cards, thank you notes, programs, etc. You can find some great ideas here, if you’re a bride or here, if you’re a groom!
2) Don’t use labels for your guest addresses. This may be acceptable for a holiday mailing, but it just won’t cut it for a special event like your wedding or commitment ceremony. Instead, consider having us print your guests names & addresses on your outer envelopes when you order your invitations (contact me for more information on this), hire a calligrapher (here’s one I recommend), or personally handwrite the addresses.
3) When it comes time to add a stamp to your invitation, consider a stamp which has a wedding or love theme associated with it. For example, the post office has just introduced a wedding stamp which you might like. Or, you might even want to consider their love birds. I’m sure that more fun themes will be introduced as the US Postal Service completes its transition to the $.39 stamp.
These are just a few ideas to consider. And, I’m always available for consultation if you want to take it to the next level!

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