Oh, What To Wear, What To Wear?

Selecting what your attendants will wear is as important as what the two of you will wear on your very special day. As I told Kathryn and her partner when they were planning their wedding, the attendants should dress in a special way to set the brides apart, or the grooms, as the case may be! I was shocked when they were telling their attendants, who were their siblings–two brothers and a sister–to select their own outfits and to dress nicely. Too much definitely left to chance! This mother stepped in and recommended that the brothers of each bride dress similarly but in a way that fitted the mood and time of day of the wedding. No one has to match. No telling what their attendants would have worn without explicit direction! The one sister had selected a lovely long dress to compliment everyone.

In their case, I found matching white linen slacks and differently colored pastel long sleeved shirts and ties. The brides did not want them to wear jackets as it was for an outdoor wedding which promised to be very warm (and was). Attendants dressed in varying outfits without thought and planning would look jarring and take away from spotlighting the couple. Everyone’s eyes should go to the couple and not be distracted by all different outfits.

At the same time, be creative! Enjoy creating the visual effect of the two of you and your attendants in front of the room or church. Everyone will be looking! All eyes are upon you!

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