Making the Yuletide Gay By Putting Your Wedding Guest List To Work!

chkbdphoto.jpgAfter our wedding back in 1999, my partner and I realized that we had developed an excellent resource. Our labors had resulted in an updated address list of our nearest and dearest, which helped us to launch a new campaign: the holiday photo greeting card.
We have made annual amendments and the list has ebbed and flowed a bit in the past 6 years, but it remains the backbone of one of our favorite late fall traditions — sitting down together and writing heartfelt notes to those for whom we are grateful, attached alongside a quirky or sentimental photo which tells a quick story about our year.
For those of you who have gotten married this year or will get married in the next couple of months, you’ve got the list, but you’ve also got a great snapshot to tell the story of your year. After all, those of us who have gotten married know that the wedding is not just a “day-long” activity. It’s taken months to pull everything together and it’s dominated any conversation in which an unsuspecting — or suspecting for that matter! — friend has asked you, “What’s going on with you?!?” So, why not share the moment with them?
Order your favorite wedding photo from your photographer or find one that a friend took and get copies (the cheapest I’ve found are at Snapfish) so that you can attach them to a photo greeting card. Or, you can even use a digital file to create a holiday card and sign it with a special photo pen so the ink won’t smudge.
When the wedding season winds down, we love to help our brides and grooms send holiday greetings with a wedding flair. What better announcement or thank you note is there to send?
Feel free to contact me for more information and ideas. Or, check out our selection online.

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