It’s My Wedding Blog Serial: Heidi & Brittany – Nothing Has Changed And Yet…


In the spirit of loving friends, famliy, fun & self-deprecating humor, we are pleased to introduce a new series to our Gay Wedding Fodder readers: It’s My Wedding And I Can Cry If I Want To. Several couples have expressed an interest in sharing the stories of their wedding journies with Gay Wedding Fodder and we are pleased to share this space with them. Each is in a different place in the wedding planning process but all love to weave a good yarn and all are happy to share with us their trials & tribulations, inspirations & tips, and tears of joy and tears of disappointment or dismay. Perhaps you’ll recognize a bit of your relationship in these intallments?
Nothing has changed, and everything is different.
By Heidi
We’re back from Canada now, struggling through life as usual. I’m working on the all the dreaded end-of-semester work and Brittany is attempting to manage her department in a retail store. Things are back to normal. We clean our house, feed our cat, snuggle together and treat each other with the love and respect we always have.
But everything is different.
We got our marriage certificate in the mail the other day, and our tears flowed almost as freely as the day the Canadian marriage commissioner pronounced us married. We stood before her fire, each with one flower in our hands, and professed our love in front of five of our family members. Brittany even tried to wipe a tear away with the bud of her flower, rather than let go of my hand. My cheeks hurt from an entire day of constant smiling.
They still hurt. Yes, we are still the same couple we were before we got married. We love each other just as we always have. We continue our lives with the same knowledge of who we are and what we will always be.
But now, it’s real. And we have the certificate to prove it!
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