It’s My Wedding Blog Serial: Carey & Michele — Let The Show Begin!

In the spirit of loving friends, famliy, fun & self-deprecating humor, we are pleased to introduce a new series to our Gay Wedding Fodder readers: It’s My Wedding And I Can Cry If I Want To. Several couples have expressed an interest in sharing the stories of their wedding journies with Gay Wedding Fodder and we are pleased to share this space with them. Each is in a different place in the wedding planning process but all love to weave a good yarn and all are happy to share with us their trials & tribulations, inspirations & tips, and tears of joy and tears of disappointment or dismay. Perhaps you’ll recognize a bit of your relationship in these intallments?
Let The Show Begin!
By Carey & Michele
We are now 8 weeks out from our wedding day. At this point, time feels like it’s moving faster and it seems like the last several months have just flown by!
People tend to forget that putting on a wedding is quite literally producing an event. While nobody wants to think of their wedding as “scripted”, the reality is that much of the day will need to be laid out in great detail if you want it to all come together. You don’t just show up to your wedding and hang out, with no plan in place. If you did, you’d have a bunch of people staring at each other, wondering what the heck was going on! There are different parts of a wedding that need to flow together – the ceremony, music, entertainment, lighting, meals and much more. As with any event, bringing all of these elements together takes a clear and specific plan of action. And yes, maybe even a few scripts.
In our case, our invitation list grew from 75 people to 125 people overnight, thus turning our small production into a rather large one. We did a lot of planning in the beginning, but now the last minute “to do” lists are growing larger and the deadlines are looming close. The key at this point in the game is focusing on getting a little accomplished each day and remembering to communicate with your partner each step of the way.
A word of caution: be sure to remember that while your wedding is likely you and your partner’s first priority that may not be the case for your family and friends. This is not to say they are not supportive or excited for your big day. It just means that it’s probably not on their minds 24 hours a day like it is yours! Don’t be hurt if the RSVP’s aren’t coming in as quick as you’d like, or if people don’t tune in immediately when you start rattling off details about the bouquets and cake flavor. Just stick to your “to do” lists and try to be patient with those that are not in “Wedding Land.”
As our wedding day approaches, we are simultaneously more excited and stressed with each passing day. But, just like with any great production, if you stick with the plan and remember to breathe, you’ll have a wonderful wedding day that everyone will enjoy and that you will cherish forever. Break a leg!
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