Introducing A Blog-Serial For Gay & Lesbian Weddings!

In my group of friends, we have a little saying: “stories only happen to people who can tell them.” I’m sure we’ve innocently adapted this from a fine wordsmith who has gone before us, but we have so completely adopted the saying for ourselves that the only thing which matters to us is finding humor in the most interesting (and often embarassing) of situations and then reveling in telling the story to anyone who will listen.
Thus, in this spirit of loving friends, famliy, fun & self-deprecating humor, we are pleased to introduce a new series to our Gay Wedding Fodder readers: It’s My Wedding And I Can Cry If I Want To.
Several couples have expressed an interest in sharing the stories of their wedding journies with Gay Wedding Fodder and we are pleased to share this space with them. Each is in a different place in the wedding planning process but all love to weave a good yarn and all are happy to share with us their trials & tribulations, inspirations & tips, and tears of joy and tears of disappointment or dismay.
Those of us who have already gotten married will recognize ourselves in Gay Wedding Fodder’s Blog Serial: It’s My Wedding And I Can Cry If I Want To.
And, those of us who are en route to the alter or flower arrangement or fireplace — wherever your ceremony might be — will also recognize themselves and will find some enjoyment in solidarity.
If you’d like to become a regular contributor to our new BlogSerial, please contact us.
Otherwise, to keep up with our fearless brides & grooms as they head to the altar, sign up for our RSS Feed or bookmark this page!
Stay Tuned! Our first installment with debut tomorrow with: Carey & Michelle – The Beginning