Holiday Ideas For Those Who Want A Gay Wedding in 2006

gift-LG.jpgReflections by Kathryn
I don’t know about you, but this is the time I begin to think about what sort of romantic gift I can get for my partner. You know, something to show her how much I care and how much I appreciate all that she does for me.
Since we’re saving up for a house remodel, we are being more careful about what we spend. So, we’ve enacted a new gift theme. We like to call it: “If money and time were no object, here’s what I’d get you for Christmas…”
Perhaps some of you are in this same boat?
I’ve already received emails and orders from individuals who want to include a surprise proposal as part of their holiday gift giving. Generally, I know that we are shipping something special for that purpose, because a client includes a statement like this in the ‘special instructions’ section of his or her order form: “Please don’t include a name on the shipping label! This is a surprise!”
Pretty hard to pull a fast one on me, isn’t it?
I have to say: I really enjoy fulfilling orders like this!
For those of you out there looking to do the same for your partner, here are some ideas to consider:
A Gay Wedding Planning Book (with a thoughtful inscription)
An Engagement Ring
A Holiday Ornament (we only have brides and “platinum” rings left!)
A Poem Expressing Your Love
An iMovie or photo album
A blank wedding certificate
A donation to your favorite non-profit (which fights for marriage equality, of course!)
I’m sure you also have some great holiday gift giving stories and ideas of your own. We always love it when our friends share their ideas so feel free to include your favorite holiday gift exchange story in the comment section below!

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