Fun Photo Ideas for Your Gay Wedding With a Little Help From Snapfish

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As the holiday card season comes to an end, I can’t help but be amazed by the following:
a) the creativity of my friends and family
b) the value I attach to receiving annual photos to mark the holiday season; and,
c) how much technology has advanced making photo sharing easier than before
These thoughts bring me to consideration of photo sharing for your gay wedding.
You’ve invested the money to hire a professional photographer, or paid a talented friend, or bought a bunch of disposable cameras for your guests to use at their tables.
In the old days, we made thick albums and dragged them around with us and showed all of friends the glory of our Wedding Day.
You can, of course, still find some fun albums, with gay appeal, for your favorite wedding photos (here are some for the boys and some for the girls), but it might be time you consider photo sharing in the technology age.
These days, there are many options for brides and grooms to enjoy:
* Sharing the link a professional photographer provides so that loved ones can order professional photos directly from the photographer
* Uploading digital photo files from all sources and sharing them with friends, through services like those offered by Snapfish
* Creating fun gifts or calendars
* Creating a custom-published scrapbook using digital photos and sharing them with friends, attendants or family members.
or even…
* Creating an iMovie and sharing it online (more on this in a future entry)
One popular example my partner and I used back in 1999 and have also receiving from friends each year since then is a holiday card featuring a photo of the couple from the wedding! (Learn more about the advantages of putting that wedding guest list to work in December!)
And, while we’re on the subject of photo sharing, I invite you to send your wedding photos to us so that we can upload them to our gay wedding albums on our other sites, & Just send me an email with your photo attached and I’ll send you our photo authorization use form! It’s as simple as that!
And, hey, those of you who have used photo sharing methods like this to share your gay wedding, commitment ceremony and/or civil union photos, chime in by using the comment section below. What did you think about your choice to take your photos online?

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