Extra! Extra! Read All About It!Gay Wedding Paper Favor Ideal For Your Gay Wedding

As our world shrinks and as destination-style weddings have begun to happen more often than ever, we have noticed an uptick in the number of requests we receive from our blushing brides and gorgeous grooms to help them find creative solutions for communicating information about their wedding events to their guests.
Some couples like to use a custom web site, in which they can manage RSVPs, tell a bit about their engagements, offer travel information for out-of-town guests, and post photos. Others like to include a special mailing (just after the save the date card and just before the actual invitation) to inform friends and family members about what to expect.
Some are now looking for a bit more creative help from a third party and are, as a result, choosing to offer a special wedding newspaper as a favor and courtesy to their guests. The Wedding Times, recently featured in InStyle Weddings Magazine, is a four-page newspaper devoted to the couple, which features articles, photos and Letters to the Editor provided by family and friends.
Because of its versatility, The Wedding Times can be used in several different ways. Sometimes it is given as a gift to the couple from their family and friends who might choose to make it a surprise. Or, in some cases the couple might choose to give it as a favor to each wedding guest. And, of course, there are couples who have distributed it before the ceremony to communicate to guests the myriad details taking place throughout the wedding weekend celebration.
One of the key advantages of using a method of communicating wedding activities — whether virtual or tactical — is that one’s guests can get better acquainted as they interact and collaborate in its development. Those who work together on a project like The Wedding Times, for example, may find that they become as fulfilled as those who receive it. The co-producers often find that they enjoy reaching back into their photo albums, childhood or school or business memories for the perfect pictures, the perfect funny story, and the perfect anecdote to contribute to this gift.
And, for those guests who don’t know the couple well or only know one of the two, a well-constructed source for wedding information will give them an enjoyable opportunity to learn more about each individual and offer insights into the couple, their history, their childhood, funny stories, their accomplishments.
It’s those little creative touches that go a long way in making a wedding memory special for everyone. Do you have a fun idea you used for communicating information about your wedding? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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