Don’t Be Overwhelmed By Underwear On Your Wedding Day

There’s nothing like having an expert in the house and is pleased to have found Jennifer Michelle of A Little Lingerie Company.
Recently, she and I had a discussion about the role of undergarments (specifically for lesbian brides) and making the right choices for your Big Day. I am pleased to announce that I have convinced her to share some of her expertise with us. I think you’ll appreciate her approach, expertise & humor! I don’t know about you, but I wished I had spoken with her before my wedding!)
Take it away, Jennifer Michelle!

You’ve found the woman of your dreams and you’re about to get married. You’re busy looking for the perfect outfits, the perfect location, the perfect cake. But what about the perfect underwear?
Lots of women think fancy underwear (read: anything not made by Jockey) is uncomfortable. But fancy clothes wear a lot better with the proper lingerie. (Yes, I used that word. Getting married is no reason to be afraid of your underwear.)
Think of it this way, you will be walking down the aisle with every person you have ever met staring at your butt. Is this really the time for panty lines?
Lingerie can help make your special day a little bit easier. For instance, a decent bra can take pounds off your figure by lifting your chest up where she belongs. Boyshorts – available in lace or cotton – provide coverage under skirts or trousers, without leaving a panty line.
For those of you looking at sheath dresses, think about getting a merrywidow. These undergarments combine a bra (they usually have removable straps for wear with strapless dresses and tops) with a torso piece that extends to the top of the hip. The effect can be slimming, if that is desired, or just very smoothing – perfect for under a clingy or fitted dress or top. They also usually have removable garters.
Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right lingerie for your wedding day:
Get a good bra. The most common mistake women make in selecting a bra is to get too large a band size and too small a cup size. This is because smaller band sizes with deeper cups are usually only available in specialty shops or online. Do not be persuaded to get a bra that doesn’t fit well. A good fit should be snug in the band (but not digging in), so as to really support. The band should not ride up in back, nor should the shoulder straps dent painfully into your flesh. Your breasts should not be squashed flat, nor popping out of the cups, nor floating within them. Bra sizes have a much wider range than you might think – they can go up to 52 in the band and then some, and cups usually go up to J. (If you need a size you can’t find in the store, check out:
Try a camisole. If you have smaller breasts, you may not wish to bother with a bra, so camisoles can make a good choice. They offer coverage and comfort, and come in a range of beautiful styles and colors.
Wear a boyshort to avoid panty lines. Boyshorts are the new fashion, and they are incredibly comfortable. These ride at the hip and have no elastic around the leg – so no panty lines! Thongs, although dreaded by many, can be very comfortable and they, too, don’t show panty lines.
Get sexy with slips and chemises. These are the modern negligee – they are comfortable, elegant, and incredibly sexy. They can be worn under a dress to prevent static cling or used as a nightie.
Lingerie can be useful as well as fun for your wedding day. Enjoy!
Editor’s Note: Jennifer didn’t mention her bridal line of underwear so check out her site and consider a little something fun to wear the night before your Big Day!
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For more information on underwear tips, click here.

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