DIY Ideas For A DJ At Your Same Sex Ceremony

Your entertainment choices for your reception may include live music and/or a DJ. Generally, hiring a live band, unless you’ve got an “in” with a talented friend, will cost much more than hiring a DJ.
There are some brides and grooms out there, though, we are looking to keep costs down and even hiring a DJ puts them over-budget.
With the advent of the iPod, wedding music options have begun to change. More and more couples are opting to create a wedding soundtrack — whether for their ceremonies or receptions — on their iPods, hooking the small device into a sound system and dancing the night away.
iPods are availbe for PCs and Macs and downloading music into your iTunes software is easy. For those of you out there who already own an iPod or would rather buy a new iPod (in lieu of hiring a DJ!) and bring your own music, this is a great option.
I do caution you, though, it will be important to have the right sound system and someone to make sure that all goes smoothly when it comes time to press ‘play.’
Download Pop music on iTunes.

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