Can A Gay Wedding Be Complete Without Place Cards for a Seated Dinner?

Whether you are having twenty guests or two hundred guests to your seated dinner reception, you may want to consider having place cards. You are the hosts or hostesses of this very special event. Most likely if you were having guests to dinner in your home, you would direct them where to sit at your dining table. It is no different for a large event but perhaps even more critical, and it does takes thought, time, and planning on your part as the brides or grooms to seat everyone.
I realize there are non-ending jokes about whom people are seated next to at wedding receptions, but it does take the burden off your guests to try and find their friends or rush and save seats at a table together. As an old fashioned Mother of A Bride, I do like the civility and simplicity of name cards. Plus think how creative you can be!
My experience as a guest is that the hosts or hostesses do an admirable job of arranging table partners. Forget those tired jokes. Think of your guests and by whom each would enjoy sitting, that you may have wanted friends from different circles to meet, or perhaps even some match making on your part!
Have fun arranging your guests….there will certainly be some laughs while you do this project. Start early and move guests around as you received your responses. Wedding planning software makes this very easy to do. Your guests will thank you!

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