A Sneak Peak at the Bookshelf of a Wedding Officiant

Back in January, I spent some time with a Boston-based celebrant named, Cindy Matchett. Though I had expected to be sharing only a few minutes with her before getting ready to co-lead our Gay Weddings 101 planning seminar (co-sponsored by It’s About Time), I instead found that the minutes had turned into two hours as we enjoyed talking about the landscape of gay weddings and what brought each of us to be involved in supporting same sex couples plan their respective Big Days.
One of the topics we covered was the question I often receive from couples who are looking for good resources for writing or developing the ceremony itself. I was so pleased to learn that Cindy is a bit of a book junkie (like me!) and has developed a wonderful library of resources on this very topic. I asked her if she would be willing to share a few of those resources with you, Dear Reader, and here’s what she had to say:
When I meet with couples to talk about their ceremonies, we have wonderful conversations at their kitchen tables or in coffee houses, which I later love weaving into a warm personalized service for them. At the end of the conversation, I show them my stack of wedding books, and have heard over
and over again that this is the icing on the cake of our experience together — people love my book collection!
What is on my bookshelf?
Well, to begin with, I have some ceremony references:
Weddings by Design, A Guide to Non-Traditional Ceremonies, by Richard Leviton
Ceremonies of the Heart, Celebrating Lesbian Unions, edited by Becky Butler
The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Weddings, by Tess Ayers and Paul Brown
Several favorite poetry and readings collections:
Risking Everything, 110 Poems of Love and Revelation, edited by Roger Housden
For Nights Like This One, and, Lover’s Choice, stories by Becky Birtha
Openly Bob, by Bob Smith
Love Speaks Its Name, Gay and Lesbian Love Poems, edited by Everyman’s
Library Pocket Poets
Wedding Blessings, by June Cotner
And some general wedding reference:
The Best Friend’s Guide to Planning a Wedding, by Lara Webb Carrigan
The Hard Questions, 100 Questions to Ask Before Saying “I Do,” by Susan Piver
Joyful Wedding, A Spiritual Path to the Altar, edited by Susan Piver
Happy reading!

Thanks, Cindy, for sharing your resources with us! And, thanks, most of all, for offering such a warm and caring service to our community!

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