Yet Another Gay Wedding Journey For Another Happy Couple

Recently, I spoke with Greg Marzullo of the Washington Blade. Greg and his partner, Philip, recently tied the knot in a pagan ceremony outside of Washington, D.C.. The two enjoyed a wonderful day and Greg brought a personal perspective into his recent article on gay weddings, featured in the Washington Blade.
We hope you’ll check out the article, which may offer you newly engaged couples some interesting ideas for your own ceremonies or a perspective which will resonate with your own experience.
My favorite part of the article, though, appears as Greg speaks from the transformed place one finds when participating the fabulousness of a same sex wedding:
“The week before our wedding, on Saturday, June 5,” he says, “President Bush told marriage amendment supporters, ‘For ages, in every culture, human beings have understood that marriage is critical to the well-being of families.’
“When I saw the tear-stained cheeks of our parents and the bright smiles of our siblings, I found I agreed with the president. When I heard the thunderous applause of the community when we were presented as Philip and Gregory Fletcher-Marzullo, I, too, believed in the importance of marriage to our families of blood and our families of choice.
“When I leaned in for one of the day’s many kisses, sealing the love and commitment between us for the rest of our lives, I knew that gay marriage doesn’t divide our nation — it brings together families and friends in the celebration of love and beauty. If that’s not the pursuit of happiness, I don’t know what is.”
Here’s to that, Greg! And, here’s to you and Philip — one more couple taking a bold stance in the name of love!
Read more about the ceremony and enjoy a few photos at Washington Blade Online.

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