What do you think about GayWeddings.com?

You have counted on GayWeddings.com since 2000 to provide you with gay-friendly wedding products, accessories and networking, and we are ready to take our services to the next level.
To better serve you as GayWeddings.com expands its offerings on the pioneering sites — GayWeddings.com, TwoBrides.com & TwoGrooms.com, GayWeddings.com has created a survey and invites you to share your honest feedback about your experience on the sites listed above. It’s a quick one: it should take fewer than 10 minutes for you to complete it.
If you find that the feedback you would like to offer is not covered in this brief survey, we encourage you to send an email with your thoughts about how we are doing.
As a special thanks for sharing your two cents, shoppers and resource-seekers will receive a rebate coupon for an additional 5% off (for a total of 15% off selected products) in our Carlson Craft and Regency stores.
Or, if you are a wedding vendor, you’ll receive a rebate coupon for three free months in our vendor directory (whether you’re a new vendor or a renewing vendor!).
Click here to take the survey.
And, don’t be shy! Feel free to share this survey with others who have spent time on any of our sites: GayWeddings.com, TwoBrides.com, TwoGrooms.com or GayWeddingFodder.com. We’d love to hear from them, too!

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