What do Hamm’s Beer and Curve Magazine Have in Common?

While I was in San Francisco yesterday, I popped in on the Curve office to say hello to their ever-friendly and approachable staff. I met with my ad sales representative, Sara Jane, and was delighted to learn from her that their office is housed in the Hamm’s Building, one home of the historic beer company.
Hamm’s Beer was known for its cartoon campaign (pre-dating Joe Camel, of course!) and jingle which proclaimed that it was “From the land of sky blue waah-haa-ters.” It’s also known, of course, as my favorite tall tale: that my grandfather founded the company. (Nope, no relation.) Perhaps, I am thinking, I should resurrect that myth so as to avoid any confusion that I am any relation to Mia Hamm? (Nope, no relation.) Hmmm.
But, I digress from any sort of gay wedding tips or news so let me re-focus!
My trip to Northern California was lovely. I enjoyed a two day conference with many bridal consultants from around the country and made many contacts to help our clients find talented wedding planners in their respective areas. I was incredibly excited to work with the many planners who have generally worked in the heterosexual wedding market, but were interested in and motivated to learn more about how they can help GLBT couples with their wedding planning.
While at the conference, I also learned about some of the newest trends in weddings, heard Peggy Post speak about etiquette, and was floored to see a presentation from a team of an event producer and wedding planner who organized a three-day, four event 1.3 million dollar wedding celebration. Wowsa! Wish I could have been on that guest list!
Brides or Grooms: if you’re out there and planning a million dollar wedding bonanza and looking for an effusive and, at times, graciously garralous guest, let me know! I’d love to be on the guest list!

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