What Do Gretchen Hamm and Shaquille O’Neal Have in Common?

GPH-LG.jpgIs the suspense waiting for this answer killing you yet?
Yes, that’s right! I can now say that Gretchen P. Hamm and Shaquille O’Neal have something in common (and it’s not their shoe sizes!).
Both have been featured as Action Heroes in the latest issue of HRC‘s Equality Magazine.
You Go, Mom!
Gretchen and Shaq, along with 4 other heroes, received HRC’s compliments for their work for the GLBT community.
Shaq was dubbed an HRC action hero thanks to his intervention on a hate crime in South Beach a few months ago. He tracked a driver who was verbally harassing a same-sex couple and alerted police, allowing them to reach the driver and apprehend him.
My mom received the following nod:
“When Gretchen Hamm of Dallas, TX, started planning her daughter’s wedding, she found it hard to find wedding items targeted toward lesbian couples. So Gretchen took action – and created TwoBrides.com and TwoGrooms.com, offering products and services to same-sex couples nationwide. Now an active HRC volunteer and Federal Club member, Gretchen travels to Washington D.C. to lobby her congressional representatives on behalf of her daughter — and thousands of other GLBT families who are denied equal rights and responsibilities.”
All of us are proud of you, Mom, and thank you for all you do for the GLBT community. Congratulations on leaping into the books as an Action Hero!

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