Waiting for the Results…

Elections have always made me nervous — especially in these last few years.
Too many times I got too comfortable with what I was so sure would happen, only to be astounded by an entirely different result. That’s the beauty of democracy, of course, and, these days, anything can happen.
This affects me today because of the Viriginia Governor’s race. We’ve been bombarded by negative ads and phone calls for weeks now and I’ve seen enough to know that gay-friendliness in the legislature is still a long way off in this state. But, at least, I keep telling myself, if we can at least elect the guy that won’t make it worse, my partner and I will be much better off.
As I sit and wait for the election results in today’s Governor’s race in Virginia, I can’t help but think of the gay-themed tidbits that have popped up in the last 3 days. Enough to make it a roller coaster, that’s for sure!
I have been frustrated at hearing about Proposition 2 in Texas and how we should just expect the worst as there probably won’t be enough turn out to stop it from passing. Ugh.
I was disappointed to hear about the ignorant and hurtful things my cousin-in-law (a forty-something male) spoke to my mom about the suitability of gay teachers in the classrooms and on the playing fields. Even though he knows that I spent 10 years as an educator and coach! Arrggh!
I was proud to hear my mom’s story of how she and my dad passed out flyers at their tailgate at the SMU football game last weekend (of all places!), encouraging their peers to get to the polls and vote down Proposition 2 in Texas.
I was excited to meet my state delegate, Bob Brink, on my way to the polls this morning and have the chance to let go of my partner’s hand and then shake his hand and thank him for the stands he has taken on the floor in support of GLBT issues when the Virginia legislature has been in session.
I was proud to hear my mom tell me that my 88-year-old (give or take a year or two!) grandmother, who was busy preparing dinner for friends coming over to dinner tonight, dropped everything and ran to the polls to make sure she voted against Proposition 2, telling my mom that she knew that this mattered to me.
If that’s not enough to stop you in your tracks and help one to feel like there is hope for change, then I don’t know what will do it.
I thank my sweet and loyal grandmother for placing that vote in Texas today. What a bright spot it was in my day to hear that report! It may be just the good feeling I need to hold on to if the news after the polls close in VA and TX is less inspiring. This year.

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