Featured in Curve’s Pride & Joy Issue

We received one of our favorite endorsements from this year’s Pride issue published by Curve Magazine, “the best-selling lesbian magazine” back in June. In it, Curve takes a look at the many resources available to brides-to-be and names as “a virtual mother of the bride to lesbians everywhere” and one of this year’s “lesbian wedding essentials.”
Amidst the many categories of wedding products & services they featured, they focused on one of our specialities — lesbian wedding cake tops! In particular, they highlighted our butch-femme bride cake top.
Since their endorsement went to press, we have also added more options, including custom-designed figurines to match your ethnicity, hair color, and style and a new product, which has been featured on Planet Out and in The Washington Post, and allows traditional brides the chance to mix & match ethnicities AND even includes a nod to today’s modern bride. Both of our new product lines help us address the problem of limited choices for our brides of color.
I can’t help but digress from this topic into a story my partner likes to tell. In it, she recounts a story in which she overheard my mom (her mother-in-law) talking on the phone to a customer. To get the full effect of what she overheard, you have to imagine this being said in my mom’s gentle Texas twang: “Now is that the butch-butch or the butch-femme you are talking about? I’ve been looking all over to find a butch-butch cake top, but just haven’t been able to find one.”
Upon hearing this, my partner turned to me and said, “Kathryn, I can’t believe I’m hearing the words “butch-butch” come out of my mother-in-law’s mouth! I think I’ve heard it all!”
It’s been a long time in coming, ladies, but we’re always looking to increase your options. And, as you can see, Mother of A Bride, Gretchen Hamm has got your best interests at heart. So keep checking back!

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