Two Grooms In Switzerland


Editor’s note: Every so often, we exchange emails with couples who are excited to share their stories. We recently enjoyed an exchange with Marc and François of Switzerland and are pleased to share their story with you!
Says Marc:
And who says Internet encounters don’t work out?
Needless to say that we were both skeptical about meeting through a gay internet site.
François ‘ first question was: “What are you looking for?” To which I replied:
“Just someone normal, who smiles a lot, has a good sense of humor, is honest and feels good in his mind.” And I added: “Acts older than his shoe size (except I didn’t use the word ‘shoe’…”
Well, we met. As an animal lover, I have three dogs, 5 parrots, and at the time a 200 gallon aquarium with tropical fish. When François showed up behind the door, I said, ah, good you’re here; I have to walk my dogs! Care to join? And he did.
Our story is still a continuous fairytale.
We both thought as marriage as something we didn’t need to formalize our union. But, we changed our minds.
As for wedding plans, they seem a little complicated, we’re having three celebrations:
1) First in Switzerland, as the Swiss don’t recognize gay marriages, we’re signing what we call a Recognized Partnership Agreement. That will happen in March 2007. Friends, family, party and cake.
2) As I hold two nationalities, Swiss and Canadian, we’re holding another celebration in Montreal on August 3, 2007 with only close family and friends.
And, 3) On August 18th, is the big bang party.
The count: 120 Invitations, rsvp’s, catering, live music band, photographers, video, and a ceremony at the feet of beautiful Mont-Blanc bordering the Geneva lakeside.
And, at the top of our 6 layers cake, two grooms cake toppers, which are not just porcelain figurines, but a true representation of our union and ongoing love.
Guys and girls, don’t think too hard or too long, JUST DO IT!