Three Gay Wedding Cheers For Senator Feingold

Senator Russ Feingold made a bold statement early this month when he openly opposed the same-sex marriage bans on the state and federal levels. Considering that he is running for President in 2008 (or at least rumored to be running), this is a bold step, indeed.
Usually, we hear politicians offering all sorts of equivocations to appeal to everyone and, in the end, sound as if they are speaking without center.
I just read The Advocate’s exclusive interview with Senator Feingold and was awfully impressed with what he had to say.
When was the last time you heard a Senator say something like this:
The subject has been coming up in the last couple of years at my town meetings, and I have always looked at people and said, “You know, I think our society is better off if two people who love each other are together and are married.” I’ve looked right at them and said it. So I just decided to take the next step, given what’s going on in my state, and make it absolutely clear that I oppose this amendment, that this really is a civil rights issue to me.
Or this:
Frankly, some on the Right in this country and elements of the Republican Party have ruthlessly exploited anxiety about gays and lesbians for political purposes, and I think that is absolutely wrong in America. It’s one of the things that I most resent in American politics, and I’m going to fight it every step of the way.
I would like for him to sit down with my mom, the pioneering founder of our business. They must be a lot alike as I hear her say things all the time, much like Senator Feingold:
As people get to know gay and lesbian friends, it just becomes untenable to say that they cannot be married. It’s like, how can you say that to a friend? To me it’s just an outrage.
I know that it’s easy for my mom to use words like “it’s just an outrage” because she’s just being a mom. She doesn’t have to run for office and hope for enough votes to win (though I’m confident that both my brother and I would again vote to keep her in “office” were we presented with the choice!). But, Senator Feingold? He potentially risks it all. But, then again, this is so simple.
I believe that the majority of people in this country want honesty (not spin) and a leader who wants to legislate from an inclusive & moral center.
Three cheers for Senator Feingold! I’d like to throw a little rice his way the next time he walks down the Congressional aisle to place a vote.

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