South Africa Grants Gay Marriage Rights to Gay Couples

I just can’t help but appreciate the irony!
South Africa, surrounded countries in which homosexuality is seen as a taboo and in which you’ll hear more from its detractors than its supporters, just unanimously voted to recognize same sex marriages.
Take for example this quote, pulled from today’s Washington Post article:
“It is a sad day for South Africa when the very bedrock foundation of society, the family, is redefined by a court,” McCauley said, according to the South African Press Association. “This ruling totally undermines marriage as we know it and the cherished formation of healthy, loving families.”
Sound familiar?
South Africa is Africa’s Massachusetts. Or, perhaps, South Africa is North America’s Canada.
Here we are in the United States, where gay marriage may have its opponents, but it also has its many supporters and gay-friendly cities, and marriage for gay couples is legal in only 1 state.
Our neighbors to the north in Canada have done a nice job of paving the way for us, but, as a country, we still aren’t on board yet.
What is up with that, America?
Based on the social trends in our country, shouldn’t North America have more jurisdictions where same sex marriages have become legally recognized?
Once again, US culture is far ahead of the law-makers here and change will come.
I am certainly excited about the prospect of our country catching with the leaders who have seen the light: The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Canada (and the UK following not far behind). But, it sure is hard to wait when other countries, who seem to have more of an uphill anti-gay battle to face, make much longer strides in this matter than we do!
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