President Plans To Support Federal Marriage Amendment Next Week

Yesterday, I was “enjoying” a leisurely drive up Interstate 95 as I returned home from a restful Memorial Day Weekend. As if the drive-at-your-own-risk pace up 95 wasn’t enough, I was jarred back to reality by an email bulletin I received from the Human Rights Campaign.
The message contained was simple: the President plans to hold a press conference in the Rose Garden to again show his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment, which is a piece of legislation which discriminates against same sex couples and would actually write discrimination into our Constitution.
I immediately picked up my cell phone to call the White House and express my displeasure about this, but found that the call in line was closed for the day.
It’s now 9:21 am EDT and I’m about to place my call to let the President know that I do not support his political tactics to draw attention away from the deaths in Iraq and the other sour notes resulting from certain decisions the White House has made. It is not right for the Administration to discriminate against same sex couples in this way or to use gay marriage as a scapegoat to drum up support for his sagging popularity ratings.
Whatever your political persuasion, I do hope you’ll consider how devastating the passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment and writing discrimination into the US Constitution would be to the rights of American citizens.
Please call the White House and offer your opinion. The number is: 202-456-1111.

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