Marriage “Protection” Amendment Is Back!

Do you subscribe to the Human Rights Campaign Newsletter? This is what President, Joe Solmonese, had to say in the latest installment:
“While we always knew we could expect a vote on the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment during an election year, radical right wing groups and their supporters in Congress have started gearing up their base to try to put discrimination against same sex couples and their families into the United States Constitution. Are you ready to speak out with HRC to defeat the “Marriage Protection Amendment”?
“This week the anti-gay American Family Association alerted their members to expect a vote in the Senate in early March on the Marriage Protection Amendment, formerly known as the Federal Marriage Amendment. We also know that anti-gay senators and representatives are increasing pressure on Congressional leadership to bring this to a vote. In late January, anti-gay Senator Rick Santorum (R-Penn) stated, “I have asked the leader to hold a vote on defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The intention is to bring up the Allard constitutional amendment.” Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has promised the radical right wing groups a vote in the U.S. Senate this year.
“The Senate leadership has not yet confirmed the March timeline that their right-wing allies are touting, but it’s clear that it’s time for HRC to ramp up our efforts. There can be no doubt that we are looking at another fight against the Marriage Protection Amendment…we’re ready to rally our friends, allies and coalition partners to defeat this hateful amendment.”
His suggestions:
“Please contact your United States Senators and Representative in the House of Representatives and urge them to keep the Constitution free from discrimination. Take action now.
“Some important things to remember:
• We shouldn’t write discrimination into the Constitution, and the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment is discriminatory. Throughout American history, the Constitution has been amended to protect and expand the rights and liberties of the American people. The Constitution should never be amended to single out any group of Americans for discrimination.
• The so-called Marriage Protection Amendment would seriously endanger civil unions and domestic partnerships.
• The Constitution should not be used as a political weapon. Some Republican leaders are using a vote on the Constitutional amendment to increase voter turnout among their political base.
“Thank you for your commitment to keeping discrimination out of the United States Constitution.”
Please consider contacting your representative today!

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