Holiday Engagements of The Gay Wedding Kind!

By Kathryn
Please pardon me, Dear Gay Wedding Fodder Reader, as I transition to reference some heterosexual wedding statistcs to make a gay wedding point.
Did you know that 19% of the 2.2 million “recently engaged” couples each year, choose to get engaged in December? Even better, did you know that a whopping 57% get engaged between August and December?
What is it about those fall and early winter months?
I can’t say for certain that the statistics of gay couples we see in our stores mirror the heterosexual trends in this case, but I can say that I’ve been taking care of a lot of couples who are looking for a quick holiday elopement or an engagement ring with which to surprise a sweetie.
As I write this, I am reminded that my dad proposed to my mom (yes, the celebrated founder of &!) on Christmas Eve, and, if I remember correctly, even my brother proposed to his wife around the holidays!
My partner and I claim a random engagement story from March — one of our anniversary dates — the “first date” anniversary, which is different from the “wedding anniversary” — which could also be called the accidental engagement. I won’t go into the details, but trust me, it’s a story that garners knowing laughs from those who are familiar with us!
I wonder if more people get engaged on their anniversary dates or around the holidays?
One special occasion begets another, I guess!
What about you? Do you have plans to get engaged this holiday? DId you get engaged in past years around this time of year? Perhaps you are looking for the right excuse to make your holiday a little more festive? Or, maybe you have some thoughts on the topic. Feel free to weigh in!
We’ve love to hear your stories. Feel free to post one below!
Source: online research, January 2005

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