High School Intern Weighs In on Same Sex Marriage

Dear Reader,
Do you ever get the feeling that we adults are the ones who really hold the youth back? Or, is it our younger generations who so valantly are dragging us forward?
Either way, I can assure you that you’ll be moved by this testimony, submitted to me by Yoon Cha, one of our interns, who currently attends high school in Dallas, TX.
“Having attended a relatively small, Christian school for nine years, I was not really open-minded about issues such as same-sex marriage rights. However, much of my perspectives changed after I started going to the Greenhill School in 9th grade.
“Since it was not religious, the school comprised of people of many different religions, backgrounds, and beliefs. I was no longer in an environment in which religion’s morals shaped my views; I was free to be accepting and open to everyone else’s values, regardless of their religious beliefs.
“My initial reaction to same-sex marriages was one of confusion, then repulsion. How could anyone do such a thing when the Bible labeled it as a sin? Why would two people of the same sex be attracted to each other in the first place? Furthermore, the teachers at my Christian school did nothing but encourage these doubts. Not only did they disapprove of the issue, but they also failed to teach their students the importance of not being narrow-minded.
“Greenhill was definitely a positive change for me. Slowly but surely, I started becoming more inclusive of others, regardless of their sexual orientation. I came to understand that not everyone is the same, and, as Christians, we should learn to treat gay people as equals, not to shun them.
“Now, I ardently support same-sex marriage rights. Not because I am gay, but because I feel as if everyone should have the rights to express one’s individuality.
“Since America has long been a democratic and free establishment, its people should enjoy their rights without discrimination. Every day, I am inspired by fascinating stories of couples struggling to gain acceptance in this judgmental society. It takes courage to stand up for what one believes in, and I think gay couples deserve respect for it, not shame.”

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