Have You Entered The Gay Wedding Vortex?

I didn’t believe them when they told me that we would soon be in “The Vortex.” In fact, my partner and I denied that we were in The Vortex for several months even though we were sitting smack dab in it.
What is The Vortex you ask?
It’s the crazy, all-consuming world one lives in while planning a wedding.
Our friends, Pam and Margaret, had experienced it when planning their wedding and wisely pointed out that we would end up in much the same place.
They were always patient with us when we denied The Vortex, but then proceed to have many dinners with them where all we talked about was wedding stuff. They humored us, which was quite generous.
Are you in The Vortex?
Are your friends excited to hear about your planning coups and disappointments? Are their eyes glazing over when you talk about each meal you tasted while vetting caterers?
It’s always important to strike that fine balance between monopolizing the conversation with all the little plannig detail updates and seeking feedback from a willing audience.
We just had dinner with Pam and Margaret last night. It was just like old times. As I think about it now, I realize that we are in a new Vortex and that anyone besides the four of us would be bored out of their minds to listen in.
We are sharing the House Vortex. They are re-doing an old house themselves. We are beginning a massive remodel (with a design/build firm) in the spring of 2006. All we talk about is home improvements (when we aren’t talking about the unsightly things we found when demolishing a poorly constructed basement room network at their house). Ah, The Vortex!
Everywhere you go, there you are!
Do you have a Vortex story to share? If so, please post it here!

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