Great Things Happen When Straight Moms Come Calling!

It’s hard to believe that so much has happenend in one week! First, we hear President Bush out in the Rose Garden calling for support for the Federal Marriage Amendment — a Constitutional Amendment written specifically to discrimate against same-sex couples. Then, we hear that the amendment was defeated in the Senate, 49-48. Whew!
HRC reported that 250,000 calls went in to Congress asking for the Senate to reject this Amendment. One of them was probably, Anne Wynne, another mom, like mine, who has become quite vocal about marriage equality. Anne founded Atticus Circle (perhaps you’ve read my posts about it before) and they have come up with a great new message: “Straight Mom Calls on Fair-minded Americans to Stand Up Straight for Equality.” I love it!
What Anne has to say sounds a lot like my mom’s message! She said: “There is no acceptable reason to discriminate against anyone. As a straight American, I want gay and lesbian couples to have the same rights my husband and I have. I want their commitment to each other to be recognized, just like mine is to my husband. And I want their children to have the same rights our children have.”
You go, Anne!
Read more about the vote at HRC’s web site or via the NY Times.

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