Great News For Same Sex Couples Who Seek Legal Rights in Jersey!

The New Jersey Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of equal rights for same sex couples.
The court, according to the NY Times, said that same sex couples “must be afforded on equal terms the same rights and benefits enjoyed by opposite-sex couples under the civil marriage statutes.” The Court left room for the legislative process to work out what those equal rights might be called — civil unions, civil partnerships, marriage, etc. — but clearly stated that same sex couples are due equal rights.
Dear Reader, THIS IS BIG!
After hearing disappointing result after disappointing result across the country these past few months, where conservative states piled discriminatory amendments on top of pre-existing bans, I was beginning to feel a bit disheartened. Especially with an office based in Viriginia, which will have an anti-gay marriage amendement on its ballot on Election Day next month.
We applaud New Jersery for its continuing track record as a forward-thinking state which supports equal rights for all its denizens. And, to celebrate, we are offering 10% off any product ordered through the online shopping cart process in our new online boutique at through October 30, 2006.

We hope many more states (and our national leaders!) will follow suit and take steps toward reinforcing those values which are about love, commitment and fairness.

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