Gay Wedding Quotables, Courtesy of the Washington Blade

bladeLG.jpgThe Washington Blade has a great section in its weekly edition, called On The Record. I stumbled upon two great quotes in Friday’s issue that I’d like to share with you, Dear Reader.
Texas Representative Warren Chisum has been leading the effort to amend the Texas constitution to ban gay marriage (that’s Amemdment 2, which all of you Texans out there need to vote NO on in tomorrow’s election). The Houston Chronicle quoted him on his thoughts about the Ku Klux Klan rally in Austin, undertaken in support of the Amendment.
He said: “I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I didn’t ask them to come and do this, and they’re doing it on their own — not with my approval.”
A completely predictable political response.
Houston Chronicle columnist Clay Robison responded quite pointedly to his remark in this way:
“I am sure a Klan rally was one of the last things that Chisum wanted before Election Day. But when you play footsie with prejudice, you risk stepping into something disgusting.”
I couldna said it better myself, Clay!
Read more about the Klan rally, as covered by the Washington Blade.

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