Gay Wedding Fashion Forward

You might remember the NuptEquality Fashion show I attended in Chicago at Catalyst Ranch back in July. I talked about what a great time I had and how much I loved the fashion show… Well, I now have some great photos to share with you from the two designers who contributed to this ground-breaking show: Dame Couture and Elda de le Rosa.
There’s a quick overview of the event on the Catalyst Ranch web site. And, from there, you can enjoy the two different styles of Dame Couture and Elda de le Rosa. While Elda de le Rosa presents what I would call a more classic look, Dame Couture takes a playful and vintage approach to her presentation. Both together felt like a really fun & hip gay event, that’s for sure!
Check out some outfits from the Dame Couture line. And the outfits from the Elda de le Rosa line.
What do you think about these fashions? Leave a comment below or check out the discussions on gay wedding fashion in our forum.
Image credit: Catalyst Ranch. “Kitty” from Dame Couture.

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