From The Mailbag: A Gay Wedding, Nova Scotia Style!

In our recent newsletter, I offered a personal story about my wedding (back in 1999) and my grandmother’s response. Here’s how it read:
Today is my grandmother’s 90th birthday. It’s hard to believe that she has celebrated so many years on this Earth! Or course, those years of experience might also explain her wisdom.
As a relatively-conservative Texas matriarch, my grandmother had every reason to skip my wedding and not welcome my partner into our family. But, she did come to our wedding and it transformed her. She came to understand that love is love, even if it comes in a package slightly different than she had expected for me. What a fantastic lesson to learn and what a great role model for me to have!
And, it looks like my experience is not so different from yours. Of the community members surveyed, 37% say that their families are supportive of their wedding plans and 12% were thrilled. Another 26% had mixed feelings about the engagement, leaving you a glass to work with which is half-empty. Or, half-full, depending on your perspective.
I suspect that family members who are hesitant about our gay weddings are, like my grandmother, just waiting to be transformed by our wedding ceremonies. So, keep on planning and let the light of your love shine on!
Kathryn Hamm ~ President,

We received several wonderful emails in response, and one of my favorites is listed below. Meet gay piper, Ron Garnett-Doucette of Nova Scotia:
“Congratulations, Kathryn.
“Marriage is wonderful. Bryan and I have been together for over 20 years and we’ve noticed a difference in our relationship after getting married. It’s difficult to put into words what the difference is but we’ve noticed it. It is grand.
“Nova Scotia is also a wonderful place to get married. As a Gay Piper (Great Highland Bagpipes) and probably the only Gay Piper in Nova Scotia, I’ve added a special touch to many Gay and Lesbian weddings. This summer, I attended 14 weddings (and played) and witnessed that love has no gender. My husband and I are off to Cape Breton this weekend to attend a Lesbian wedding and we’re looking foward to participating in such a joyful event.
“I’m not sure if you are aware, we were one of the three couples here in Nova Scotia that sued our Province for our marriage licience and won (there was no doubt that we wouldn’t). Of all of our accomplishments that we’ve been involved in our community, this one tops them all – we are so proud to have accomplished this. When I attend a Gay or Lesbian wedding, my heart sings with joy knowing that we were part of making this possible.
With Pride,
Ron Garnett-Doucette”
Thanks, Ron, for your wonderful words and all that you have done for our community! It’s exciting to know that you and Bryan haven’t lost “that spark” after so many years of togetherness!
Do you have a story to share about your relationship? Write in!

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