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Just passing on a letter sent to us recently by a filmmaker. Keep an eye out for her film as it makes the rounds in festivals across the country!
Dear Ms. Hamm,
Thank you all at for creating a site that I hope to use one day when I’m lucky enough to marry my sweetheart.
I am writing because I think you and your customers would be very interested in my documentary The Gay Marriage Thing in which a set of cake toppers from are featured in a scene and are the central image for the film’s marketing campaign.
Completed in 2005, the film has been playing festivals across the country for the last year and a half, the latest being the Boston Gay and Lesbian Film/Video Festival. TGMT is the ONLY film on gay marriage that speaks to people on both sides of the debate without lambasting anyone. It is the ONLY film on the subject that gays and lesbians can comfortably watch with their whole family no matter what opinions are in the room. It has been shown to gay and straight audiences alike and is always tremendously received.
The Gay Marriage Thing is THE film that is changing the discussion about gay marriage. It is available on DVD for both home video and educational use.
You can see the trailer here or here.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

Stephanie Higgins, Director
Now Available On DVD!
We love hearing about how you are using our products: in your ceremonies, in your flims and on your bookshelves!
Keep us posted and, Dear Reader, add a comment below if you know of another good gay marriage film which you’ve seen and enjoyed!
© Photographer: Eren Göksel

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