Bush Twins to Attend Gay Wedding?

As I was poking around the New York Daily News web site today, I stumbled upon Lloyd Grove’s gossip column.
In it, he reports that the Bush twins (yes, the offspring of W. and the First Lady) were invited to attend the gay wedding reception of Washington-area beautician, Erwin Gomez, and his longtime partner, James Packard.
You Go, Girls!
This is a tasty topic, isn’t it, Lloyd? Don’t we just love the chance to get a good poke at those who speak out against gay weddings as something general, non-specific, “threatening” and attached to “others.” I know I do.
I’m always asking questions like: What happens when the gay person in question is one’s daughter (ahem, Mr. Cheney)? Or, the gay person in question is one’s daughter’s eyebrow manicurist (ahem, Mr. President)?
When you put a face on it, can you still say that you think gay weddings are eroding “the institution of marriage?”
Bush Twins, get to work on your mom and dad. I suspect that they are way more gay-friendly than they let on. As a wedding gift for James and Erwin, will you chat with President Dad about retracting his statement in support of a Constitutional Amendment to discriminate against same-sex couples? I bet Erwin would give you free eyebrow care at a moment’s notice through the rest of your time in Washington if you could pull that one off!
If nothing else, I guess you can chide your dad just one more time about his public stance on gay weddings and then come shopping in our boutiques for the perfect gift. How ’bout an elegant set of matching embroidered “His” towels for your boys? Since I’m just across the river in Arlington, I’ll even hand-deliver them for you!

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