Britian Joins In The Gay Wedding Fun WIth Its Civil Partnership Rights

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Could there be more distinctions about the ways in which two people can seek legal partnerships recognizing their romantic union?
A new law in Britain just passed, allowing same sex couples to seek same-sex civil partnerships, which offer all of the financial advantages available to heterosexual couples who marry. Though these new legal unions will resemble a heterosexual civil marriage, according to the New York Times, they are deliberately defined as a “partnership” rather than a marriage.
CNN describes the difference as:
Civil partnership is formed when a couple sign certain documents in an exclusively civil procedure, whereas a marriage becomes binding when partners exchange spoken words in a civil or religious ceremony.
Same rights; new semantics.
Either way, same sex couples are headed to the clerk’s office in the UK to register so that their relationships can become legally recognized once the waiting period has ended. Specifically, that’s December 19 in Northern Ireland, December 20 in Scotland, and December 21 in England and Wales. Now that’s a great holiday gift!
Couples headed for the altar later this month include:
* Roger Lockyer, 77, and his partner, Percy Steven, 66, who were the first to register.
* Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish
* and, George Michael and his partner, Kenny Goss (reports
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