Big Day in Britian!

By Kathryn
At last! The first gay celebrity wedding has taken place!
Sir Elton John and his partner, David Furnish, tied the knot earlier today at Windsor’s town hall, waving to fans there to witness the event, both before and after their private ceremony.
You can read CNN’s coverage on their ceremony and even see a video of the grooms outside of Windsor Hall if you’re looking for a few more details on their Big Day.
Tonight, the grooms will enjoy quite the celebration, estimated at costing 1.75 million. Now that’s a party I’d like to attend!
CNN quotes Furnish as saying to Attitude Magazine “..from a social standpoint, I think it’s hugely significant. It is a major, major change. It is one of the defining issues of our times.”
I couldn’t agree with him more. Gay marriage and domestic or civil partnerships are incredibly important to the GLBT community and the dialogue (and occasional lack thereof!) offers some interesting insights into our times.
In this regard, I was thinking about Elton John earlier this morning and about what he is called.
Sir Elton John.
I can think of many names that gays & lesbians have been called in the past and a title of such respect is not typically one which comes to mind. (For example, the time I was in college and someone called me ‘sir’ does not count and I’m sure we can all come up with horrible epithets used against GLBT individuals.)
And, today, we have Sir Elton tying the knot with his partner so that they both now have a relationship which is legally recognized!
Wow. It seems not so long ago that I had heared rumors that he was gay, but couldn’t believe that it was true. That was about as likely as Liberache or Boy George being gay, I thought. They were just flamboyant entertainers, that was all.
Perhaps this is the reason that so many resist the notion that GLBT folk look just like everyone else these days? It was hard enough in the 80s when it was obvious! Now, we’re walking around in dark suits, tuxes & dresses and calling for traditional weddings? For goodness sake! If you can’t tell a GLBTer from a heterosexual, you’ll just have to accept them as a person first! Egad! What is the world coming to?
Cheers to you, Elton & David! I wish you a life filled with happiness and joint tax filing!

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