A Great Blog Resource For GLBT News & Issues

OK, so everything he writes about may not be directly linked to issues pertaining to same sex marriage..
But our readership may be interested in plugging into a site called Gay Rights Watch, which was started by Bryan Boyd of Oregon, and enjoys a readership of more than 6,000.
For those interested, Gay Rights Watch features topics such as:
Gay Films and the Oscars
Washington Passes Gay Rights Bill After 30 Years
Queer on the Range: A Preview of Brokeback Mountain
(Speaking of Brokeback Mountain, there was a great article by Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post today; I highly recommend it!)
It is so important that we all — straight allies and GLBT community members alike — find our voices and keep in mind how important it is to be informed on the issues which affect us (from fashion to legislation!). If you aren’t one who is doing the talking, be sure to keep reading. It’ll make the difference for us all when it comes time to vote in November or for the day when you and your partner want to stand up, affirm your life-long commitment to each other and claim equal marriage rights.

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