Real Lesbian Wedding: Renee & Daniece

Two Brides Jump the Broom

Kristin Chalmers Photography

Married September 5, 2011

One can’t help but get the sense that Daniece and Renee picked the perfect day to celebrate their steadfast love. Idyllic is really the word which comes to mind. From the personally meaningful theme elements to the dapper dress, these brides jumped the broom in style and offer wedding inspiration through and through. By the way, we’re in love with their ring bearer. You?

Says Renee: “I married my partner and best friend, Daniece Mazyck. Daniece and I have been together since 2008; we met at a get-together for a mutual friend. At the risk of sounding banal, I knew she was the one for me as soon as I met her.”

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A photo essay, courtesy of Kristin Chalmers Photography