Research Study Seeks Paid Participants in MA

We frequently receive requests to help connect people. Generally, these are requests for TV shows or interview subjects, but sometimes we receive other requests, like the one below:
“I am a first year graduate student in the clinical psychology doctoral program at Clark University. My mentor is James C√≥rdova, Ph.D. He already includes gay and lesbian couples in his research, however, I would really like to push the recruitment of these couples so our sample grows large enough to actually analyze. There have already been studies demonstrating that same-sex couples are generally happier than their heterosexual counterparts, now I’d like to replicate that and add the dimension of finding out about the types of commitment that hold couples together…”
She is looking for:
“Same-sex couples who are:
1) about to get married
2) willing to fill out an hour’s worth of questionnaires, and
3) able to drive to Worcester for a 2 hour interview either one day M-F at 7pm or Sat 10am or 2pm?
“The reimbursement is $50 per couple.
“Also, I will be working with Abbie Goldberg, Ph.D., also a professor at Clark University. She is recruiting same-sex couples from around the country who are about to adopt their first child. She will be mailing questionnaires and then doing phone interviews with the couples before the adoption, right after the adoption is official, and then in four years. Any help on a way to target these extremely specific couples is also highly appreciated.”
Good luck with your study, Amanda!
To participate, contact:
Amanda Parente
Clinical Psychology Graduate Student
Clark University
950 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01610

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