Me, Finding a Link Between Cats and Gay Weddings

CatLG.jpgAlright. I admit it. In general, the web site I’m about to direct you to really has no bearing or relation to gay weddings, lesbian weddings or marriage equality.
The thing is, though, this site is so hilarious that I visit it at least 3 times a week (and few web sites hold my attention for that long). I have shared it with all of my friends, and now I have finally found a crafty way to share it with you.
Drum roll to introduce my rationale, please…
There is a common perception that many lesbians own cats (I know this because my partner and I don’t own cats and yet we are always asked if we do). As it turns out, there are also many lesbians who own cats who are also seeking to get married and thus come to our online wedding boutiques for same sex couples. Thus, I surmise that there must be some interest in this, My New Favorite Web Site:
Yes, that’s right. Many cat lovers have been finding their feline friends in compromising positions and have been sending in photos to the keeper of the site. I looked and looked for two cats in bridal veils or tuxes (which would have been the ultimate rationale for me to write about this site in my gay wedding blog), but couldn’t find one.
I’m thinking that perhaps someone out there can help me with this? Do you have two cats who like to dress up for Halloween or other occasions? Please send in a photo of your cat(s) with some creative and let us all know that you have done so by posting a comment in the section below; I’ll keep an eye out for the site and we can celebrate your cat’s/cats’ newfound fame.
If nothing else, just keep visiting this guy’s site. It brings a smile to my face every time I check it!
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