Is This You? All Expenses Paid For a TV Interview Wednesday, May 24th

Richard’s letter below describes the candidate he is looking for to be on The Christina Show in Miami this week. All expenses are paid. If you are interested, please contact Richard directly. Be sure to tell him that you heard about this opportunity on You will be on your way to Miami immediately!
“Hello. My name is Richard Borjas and I am a television producer for the Cristina Show at Univision in Miami. The Cristina Show is like the Spanish version of the Oprah Winfrey show. While doing research for a show that I am producing, I came across your website and would like to know if you can help me out in my search.
The show will tape on Wednesday, May the 24th here in Miami, Florida. We will take care of all potential guests travel expenses including airfare, hotel, perdiem and transportation while in the city.
The show is about people who have led or continue to lead a double life and have fought to maintain an impossible love, similar to that of the characters from the movie BrokeBack Mountain. Basically what I am looking for is real life love stories similar to that of the movie. It would be great to find a case where a man or a woman has finally left their spouse and children for their new same sex partner. In this instance, we would like to bring the new couple and the spouse that was left and children. It would be wonderful if they are all on amicable terms and could talk to us about their living situation. If the ex spouse would not like to come, then the same sex couple would be enough.
Another possibility could be a case where the wife or husband has not yet revealed to their spouse of their double identity and would do so here on the show.
Another angle that would work for me is the spouse that was left whether man or woman and how it has affected them and the children if any.
This is more or less what I am looking for and again, keep in mind it will be a very serious and very journalistic show. If necessary, we can protect their identity.
Thanks and I look forward to your prompt response.
Richard L. Borjas
Univision Network
9405 NW 41st Street
Miami, Florida 33178
(305) 471-4299 Office
(866) 862-8458 Toll Free
(305) 471-8216 Fax”
Be sure to contact us here at to let us know you will be on the Christina Show!

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