Casting Call: Logo Series “Be Real”

For Immediate Release:
Be Real
Be Real is a new series for the Logo Network, celebrating the lives of the gay American diaspora.
Through compelling, first-hand testimony from real people, Be Real will chart the challenges and triumphs of the modern American lesbian, gay, bi & transgendered experience.
A series of portraits that explore themes of ‘coming home,’ Be Real will tell stories that demonstrate a reclaiming of faith, of family or of pride.
We follow people as they share their personal victories, created by bringing a partner home for the holidays for the first time, going to a high-school reunions as an ‘out’ adult, celebrating a milestone in a relationship, or highlighting the work of a local hero. Be Real will also tell the stories of pivitol events in real gay lives that will help tell the story of new beginnings in the GLBT community.
Scheduled for release in late spring of 2007, ‘Be Real has just gone into production and is looking for dynamic individuals to tell their stories. To submit your story, contact the production team for an application. To learn more, visit their web site.