The Tryptophan Has *Finally* Worn Off So Back To Gay Weddings!

barrett.jpgWe often receive this question: “Can you help me write my ceremony?” or “I’m officiating my first commitment ceremony, can you help me find some appropriate text for the ceremony?”
In answer to this question, I have often offered basic advice gleaned from my own wedding experience and have pointed out a few helpful resources for those in the business of joining couples on a regular basis. I must admit, though, I never felt like I had given them enough of an answer to spare the asker even more research.
Until now!
I received an email from a Justice of the Peace from Massachusetts, named David Barrett. He’s got a Justice of the Peace Blog, called Massachusetts Marriages and Weddings, which offers some great content and Massachusetts-specific tips.
His most recent posting features some sample ceremonies to help couples create their own ceremonies AND, best of all, he’s set up the downloadable content to be ready for any ceremony — gay or straight.
In case you are wondering more about him, you can even click on a link to hear his voice!
So, while I’m on my “check out this blog” kick this week, I encourage you to see what his site has to offer. And, if you have a question for him, drop him a line; he’s always offered me a prompt reply and I suspect that he’ll offer the same for you! Just tell him I sent you!
Have a great week!
Photo courtesy of David Barrett.

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