Straight Photographer Does Her Part in the South

I talk to vendors from all over the US (and even Canada and the UK!) who work with or are interested in working with gay and lesbian couples who are planning their weddings. My favorite call of late came from a straight photographer from Alabama who was looking for more information on gay & lesbian weddings.
She hadn’t ever thought about photographing a GLBT wedding ceremony until one day when she and a friend encountered a gay wedding going on in a public park not far from her home. Her friend recoiled and said how she would never photograph a gay wedding (she, too, was a professional photographer) and spoke about how uncomfortable it made her.
This surprised my new friend, Deborah, as she realized that she would have no problem working with a gay couple and helping them celebrate their Big Day. She sent me an email asking for more information and wondering if gay weddings were happening, where they were happening, and how often they were happening. Our email chat turned into a great phone conversation in which I offered her a little 101 on my experience helping gay couples with their weddings, and, not long after, she decided to advertise her business on our site when she realized that it might be difficult for GLBT couples to find gay-friendly vendors in Alabama.
Talk about inspiring! She went from not even considering gay weddings to suddenly becoming an ally, simply because she realized that gay couples need resources, too — and especially in the South!
Welcome to the Family, D!

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