Setting A Budget for Gay Weddings

It always comes down to the do-re-mi, doesn’t it?!?
Many couples I speak with begin their wedding planning before sitting down to work on a budget and are quickly surprised to find out that they are short of funds not long after buying the rings and booking a reception space. Where does that leave them for food, drink, music and attendant gifts? Paddling up the bridal river without a tiara!
Weddings can be costly especially since this is something that you’ll only (hopefully) do once in a lifetime. So we advise you to set a budget, consider your funding options, and pay attention to a few tips (see excerpt below) offered by KC David and the Experts at in their resource guide, The Complete Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings:
* Remember that booking certain places at the height of “high season” is going to cost you more.
* Having your wedding on a Saturday night will cost much more than having the affair on a Friday night or Sunday afternoon.
* Dinner is always more expensive than having a brunch; people also drink less at brunch! (Editor’s Note: we hope this applies to your friends!)
* Sit-down dinner is more costly than a buffet.
* …a band…is going to cost you a lot more than a classical guitarist, harpist, keyboard player, or DJ.
* Consider having your ceremony and reception at the same place. It cuts down on double-decorating, car services, and many other services.
To own The Complete Guide to Gay & Lesbian Weddings and find out what other tips has to offer its readers, click here.

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