Getting A Little Bridal To Face The Camera

giannina-kathryn-web.jpg The flurry of interest in same sex marriage in the District of Columbia has brought additional media attention to the pioneers at
We have enjoyed sharing our perspective and joy with journalists as they have tried to understand the economic trends in the gay wedding market and as they seek to speak with couples who are excited about heading to the legal altar for the first time.
When invited by Rebecca Cooper of Washington Business Tonight (Newschannel 8) to join her on a recent live edition of her show (Friday night, March 5), we were thrilled to accept.
But, upon learning that the station does not provide a make up artist, a plan needed to be hatched!
Enter Perfect Picture Makeup, which is just that. Picture perfect.
Giannina Giraldo agreed to help president, Kathryn Hamm “get her face on” for her live television appearance.
Kathryn’s primary request: help me look natural but make sure I don’t get washed out.
And, Giannina delivered. Her selection of everything — from base to lipstick — gave Kathryn color, but also kept her skin tones natural looking.
The experience offered a simple reminder that the cameras will be present on one’s wedding day as well. So, even the most makeup skittish of lesbian brides and gay grooms should consider consulting with a professional to learn more about how to put one’s best face forward for the photographers who will be documenting the Big Day!
To view the Washington Business Tonight clip (available through 3-5-2011), please click here and select Windows Media Player.