Figuring Out How To Talk About Gay Marriage Equality

CYOAlg.jpgSeems like I’m always talking about HRC these days. But I just can’t help it! They are such a great resource!
Today, I received an email from them about a new project they’ve got going on called, “Talk About It.” It’s such a simple premise but it really does make all of the difference. The more that we, as GLBT Americans, talk about our lives, our experiences, our hopes and our dreams, the better chance we have to help others understand us and advocate for our community.
How does this relate to marriage equality, you ask? Well, you can go to their nifty online interactive guide and learn about ways you can converse about Marriage Equality (among other topics) with others — friends, family, co-workers and so on.
A little self-indulgent aside here: I’ve got the link open in another browser as I write, with the repetitive, yet catchy track playing in the background. I must say, it feels a bit like I’m playing the target practice games in Tiger Woods Golf on my PS2, but all for a better purpose this time ’round!
I’m hoping you, Dear Reader, will give the Interactive Guide from HRC a whirl and let us know what you think. Has it inspired you to speak with someone about your thoughts about marriage equality? Do you have your own marriage equality tip to share? We want to hear about it… and HRC wants you to Talk About It.
(And, don’t forget to pick up a free HRC screensaver while you’re at it! Nothing like a little Cyber-Chum!
Logo/Image Credits: © Human Rights Campaign

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