A Letter of Support from a North Carolina-based Officiant

An open letter to same-sex couples by Rev. Jacqui Weiks:

To all loving couples:

In my mind, love is the only thing that is real. But, how long will it take before everyone will be able to express their love in the same fashion and celebrate that love equally?

By entering into a union of marriage you are not only committing yourselves to each other but you are simultaneously committing to work to see this right extended to all those who enter. Only then will the institute of marriage truly be defined by love.

Remembering that currently not all are afforded a right to legal marriage, we must continue to be a voice for and stand up with those who have been discriminated against simply for loving their chosen partners. We cannot deny a person, human being, taxpayer, or worker equal rights.

If you are planning your wedding, be sure to find out what you need to know, where to go, and how to create a wedding day to remember. There are so many professionals that are honored to work with you on special touches that you have always envisioned. There are numerous professional wedding planners, ministers and resources and they are there for you to help guide you every step of the way.

~Blessings of Peace, Love & Joy~
Rev. Jacqueline Weiks, MSS
North Carolina


Editor’s note: Gay and lesbian couples can choose weddings pros from more than35,000 lgbt-friendly vendors via GayWeddings.com .