Rounding Out The Reception Decor

There’s nothing Gretchen loves more than a good party and she loves the little touches at any event. If you’ve spoken with her before, you’ll find that the latest gay wedding tip will come as no surprise to you:
“Here is a special touch for your wedding reception:
When your guests go to the ladies’ room or gents’ room, how special it will be for them to pick up a bar of Two Brides soap or Two Grooms soap with which to wash their hands!
Get one for each lavatory! After the wedding pile them in a bowl in your bathroom to remind you of your new status as a couple.
Or, do as my daughter, Kathryn, and her partner did: use the soap from “This Day Forward” and then save the figurines as a fun memento when you finally wash your way to the center.
These also make fabulous favors for your guests to take home!”
Have you used our soap and found a fun and creative use for them? Please share your ideas with all of us!