Where Do We Begin?

You and your partner have come out (in most cases!), met each other, fallen in love, gotten engaged, and picked a date. Though you’ve covered great distances, you are now coming to find that you’ve actually only just begun and “square one” is staring you in the face. You are asking yourselves:
We’ve come this far and know we want to build the gay wedding of our dreams, but what is next? Where do we begin?
This is actually one of the top 5 questions we receive from our brides and grooms. And, generally, one of my first answers is: check out a gay wedding specific wedding guide.
An introductory book like this can really help you understand the many “moving parts” involved in creating a wedding day.
I find that most couples are so excited about beginning the process that they jump ahead of themselves and are already shopping for invitations with a date in mind before confirming an officiant or securing a location for the ceremony or reception. Generally, it all works out in the end, but I can’t advise couples enough to start with some of these basic questions:
* How much money do we want to spend? Do we have access to that money?
* What kind of wedding & reception do we want to have? Small, medium or large? Day or night? Formal or informal?
* What time of year do we want to do this?
* Are we both in agreement on what the day will represent and how we’ll both be involved in the planning and development of the event?
By setting a realistic budget (money goes fast in preparing a party like this!), spending time communicating with each other about what you have in mind, and thinking about the parameters of your event, you can then begin taking steps toward finding a location and setting a date.
Perhaps, at this point, you may also have realized that you’d like some extra planning support. Wedding planners can be expensive, but, if you want to be able to turn some of the legwork over to someone else, this can be money well-spent. Wedding planners have connections and ideas through their work in this industry and can help you overcome or avoid hard lessons learnes the first time you plan a wedding (yours!), which is no small feat and requires a skill set all its own.
Or, perhaps, you realize that doing a bit more research on your own and booking a facility for your reception which includes a planner or coordinator is actually a better course of action for you.
Either way, having a good sense of what you want your day to represent and spending some time with the “boring” details early on can make all the difference in how the planning plays out!
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Still have questions and interested in a bit more assistance? Consider an hour-long introductory consultation session with us over the phone to help you get pointed in the right direction!
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3 thoughts on “Where Do We Begin?

  1. I am looking into a career switch and have always wanted to be a wedding planner. But for me, a gay and lesbian commitment ceremony planner. Now that I have seen some of what’s out there, I’m going ahead full throttle. ANy advice?

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the market! There are so many GLBT couples in need of support in this area.
    My best advice is to consult with some professional associations, like the Association of Bridal Consultants, to meet others in the profession and begin networking to build yourself a valuable team of referral services.
    And, of course, be sure to bookmark our sites (via GayWeddings.com) any time you are looking for gay-friendly wedding resources and products.
    When you’re ready with your first client, feel free to drop me a line with an inquiry about how I can help you and your client get the best service and prices from us!

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